Speaker Series

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Speaker Series has been rescheduled to begin at a later point in the year than usual. We are excited to finally publish this year’s schedule. The presentations are tentatively scheduled to be given in person in the MAC Lab conference room, but to ensure the safety of all we may need to deliver the early talks digitally. Please check back with us for any updates. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Introduction to Beneficial Insects
Lindsay Hollister, Horticulturist Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of insects! Like them or not, life as we know it depends on the interactions that they have with plants and other animals.  

Built By Women
Jo Anne Murray, AIA, Committee Member, Built By Women DC
Theresa del Ninno, AIA, President of Maginniss + del Ninno Architects

The Built by Women exhibit showcases up to 36 winning sites of a juried competition organized by the  Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) to make visible the often-invisible work of women in design and construction.
Getrude Sawyer, A Woman Who Builds!
Betty Seifert, Curator, Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Gertrude Sawyer was a talented architect willing to take on diverse projects! From city to country home to Naval base, no project daunted her. 

Thursday, August 20
The Nunalleq Excavation: Cultural Preservation and Collaboration in Southwest Alaska's Rapidly Changing Environment

Francis Lukezic, Conservator, Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab
Always ready for an adventure, Francis spent the summer of 2018 in southwest Alaska as site conservator and lab manager at the Nunalleq Archaeological Excavation, which is the subject of this talk. Nunalleq is a pre-contact Yup'ik site located in southwest Alaska, on the coast of the Bering Sea, and produced over 60,000 artifacts over 10 years of seasonal excavations.                    ​                                                                                                           
Thursday, September 17
Bison Hunting in Northeast Wyoming

Marieka Arksey, Assistant Director, Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum
Large-scale bison hunting across the North American Great Plains was not merely opportunistic. An understanding of topography, environment, bison behavior, and migration patterns were necessary to perform complex, large scale bison kills and often required multiple groups of hunters to work together.               

​Thursday, October 22
Equestrian Artifacts of the English Tobacco Colonies: Identification, Manufacturing, Trade, and Interpretation 
Sara Rivers Cofield, Curator of Federal Collections at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab

Many of the metal artifacts recovered on colonial archaeological sites in Maryland represent hardware from saddles and bridles. These often unrecognized pieces of history offer insight into the relationship between colonists and their horses. 

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