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1812 Remembered

Welcome to Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum’s audio tour, “1812 Remembered.”  On this tour you will learn about some of the causes of the War of 1812, its effects on non-military and military people alike, and the results of the War in southern Maryland. This project was produced by the Huntingtown High School 2010-2011 Archeology Classes, and contains commentary from several experts.  This tour starts just outside the Visitor Center and as you walk through this tour you will encounter information on five specific areas relating to the Battle of St. Leonard Creek. These include Farmers, Shipping, African Americans, Women, and Militia. We thank you for taking the time to experience this tour, and hope this will be an enjoyable and educational experience for all.  The tour is open year round and costs nothing but the use of your cell phone minutes.   To activate the tour, dial 410-246-1966 from your cell phone.

Below are the 10 stops for the 1812 Remembered Audio Tour with the audio recordings that you can listen to now by clicking on the links under each stop.  Download a tour map to find your way. Make sure your speakers are on!






 (Photo:  CSW)

Stop 1: Causes of the War of 1812

Stop 6:  Women during the War of 1812






 (Photo:   Shisler)

Stop 2:  Farming in the Patuxent Region

Stop 201:  Dr. Ralph Eshelman

Stop 7:  Shipping and Impressments 

Stop 701:  Dr. Ralph Eshelman






 (Photo:  Eshelman)



Stop 3:  Maryland Militia

Stop 301:  Don Shomette

Stop 8:  Chesapeake Flotilla

Stop 801:  Dr. Ralph Eshelman






 (Photo:  Esheman)

Stop 4:  Farming During the War

Stop 401:  Don Shomette

Stop 9:  Battle of St. Leonard

Stop: top: 901:  Don Shomette

Stop 5:  African Americans during the War of 1812

Stop 501:  Don Shomette

Stop 10:  Charles Ball


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This tour was possible through the generous support of the Friends of JPPM, the Southern Maryland Heritage Consortium, Garrett Music Academy, an Anonymous Donor and the Calvert County Public Schools.  Music was provided by Ship’s Company and David & Ginger Hildebrand.