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Our hands-on workshops range from making baskets from collected plant materials, making fire without matches, tanning animal hides, making soap or candles, creating a clay pot and firing it in the village, and at the beginning of December, holiday wreaths for your door!  Each season offers different opportunities to learn new skills so look below to see what we're doing this year.

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​For more information call, 410-586-8501.​

JPPM's Indian Village also has public programs and other activities.  The Village is accessible seven days a week.  Some programs are free, some have a fee.  Check the individual program listings to see which programs require advance reservations or have a fee.  Some programs are hands-on activities that everyone can participate in, some are demonstrations done by staff or volunteers.  For other information call 510-586-8501, send an email to or visit the JPPM Facebook page.