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Sunset Hikes
Thursdays in October

Thursdays hike one of the park's trails and catch a glimpse of the fall leaves and sunset over the Patuxent River; you'll learn a thing or two about life in early Maryland along the way. This is a one-hour, 1-mile hike on a mostly paved path. Sunglasses or a hat are recommended. Fee $5/ Friends of JPPM get 20% off​


Historical Cooking
October 16 - 1 pm

If you think Grandma’s recipes were good, try Great-Great-Great-Grandma’s! Immerse yourself in the taste of the past with this workshop. We will be using traditional cooking techniques to recreate receipts (recipes) from the 18th and 19th centuries. This workshop is best for ages 13+.  Fee $25/ Friends of JPPM get 20% off.


Friction Fires
October 20 - 6 pm

Learn how to create fire with nothing but two sticks! Fee $10/ Friends of JPPM get 20% off

Hide Tanning
November 7, 13, 14 - 1 pm

Every year in Maryland thousands of deerskins are thrown away. With a little knowledge and a lot of elbow grease, these deer skins can be transformed into supple buckskins. During this workshop, you will learn how Native Americans made buckskin and get a hands-on chance to use both native and modern tools. This workshop is perfect for ages 16 and up. Fee $125/ Friends of JPPM get 20% off.

​Carolina Snowflake
December 4 - 10 am

Create yo​ur own decorative Carolina snowflake using flat reed or ash. A delicate creation perfect for the holiday season.  This workshop is perfect for ages 13 and up. Fee$15/ Friends of JPPM get 20% off.


Blacksmithing: S-Hooks
December 11 - 9 am


Blacksmithing: Fire Poker
December 18 - 9 am


Holiday Storytime
December 14 - 10:30 am

Come join us for a holiday story, crafts, and games. For ages Pre-K through Elementary.  Pre-registration is required. Fee $5/ Friends of JPPM get 20% off.




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