Scout Programs

​JPPM has unique opportunities for Boy and Girl Scouts looking to obtain badges, experience, and volunteer time. With 560 acres and miles of trails, JPPM has plenty of opportunities for any groups looking to gain volunteer experience. We also offer the programs listed below for scout groups.



Archaeology Merit Badge - ​We offer two programs for groups looking to work on the Archaeology Merit Badge. We can provide a day of experience working on an archaeological site, or an interactive field trip that covers the foundational principles of archaeology and how the discipline has shed light on the lives of the Woodland Indians who once lived along the Chesapeake. 

Indian Lore Merit Badge 
- Many of our activities and events help to complete the requirements for the Indian Lore Merit Badge, including a chance to try native crafts, and a chance to view authentic Native American artifacts.​​

H2O Today - JPPM is hosting the H2O Today exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution. Positioned on the Patuxent River and part of the Chesapeake Bay region, JPPM is the ideal locale for exploring the multifaceted role water plays in our lives. Come learn about the diversity of our global water community and the challenges it faces.   


Contact the Education Coordinator, Elizabeth Brant, or 410-586-8502, to schedule a program.