Summer Camps

Our summer camp offers children a fun and dynamic experience that will spark creativity, engagement, and exploration through an individualized, structured learning experience mixed with Ions o​f fun! 

9 am – 4 pm       Rising 6th – 8th graders
Have you ever wanted to be an archaeologist? Spend a week with archaeologists excavating for artifacts in the field and working with curators and conservators to clean, study, and preserve artifacts at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab).


9 am – 4 pm       Rising 6th – 8th graders
​During this camp, we will make shelters, build fires, and
learn about different native tools such as rabbit sticks, bows, fire drills, and pottery. Campers will also learn about and try, a variety of cooking methods including boiling water without a pot, baking without an oven, and how to make the perfect s’more.​


9 am – 3 pm      Rising 2nd – 3rd graders​
Come discover what makes the Patuxent River so special to JPPM and Calvert County by exploring it from its waters to the forests and meadows that surround it. We will learn not only about natural features but also how the environment has shaped the lifestyle of the people calling the land home for thousands of years. Prepare to get messy and explore the Patuxent Shoreline​.


9 am – noon       Rising Ks and 1st graders
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be someone or even something else? Imagine if you could try out being someone new each day? Who would you be? Maybe you would be a sailor fighting in the War of 1812, a farmer raising animals and tending crops, or even a pirate exploring the Patuxent River? If you use your imagination, you can even become an animal- like a bald eagle flying high in the sky or a tiny minnow swimming in a stream. Open up your mind and bring your imagination to life! It all begins with the words, “Imagine if….” at JPPM.​



9 am-4 pm         Rising 9th and 10th graders
This camp is setup to help campers learn about all the hard work and teamwork it takes to build a village. Campers will collectively build their own wigwam frame, help with the Village garden, and select a personal project to research and work on that will be seen by thousands of visitors each year.


9 am – 4 pm      Rising 4th and 5th graders
Discover how art, science, and history help us interpret the past. Each day will be a different adventure as you explore and investigate the history and archaeology of Southern Maryland. Learn about the daily lives of Native Americans and Colonists, who lived here centuries ago.​



For more information call 410-586-8501.  Policies related to our summer camps are available here.