Monarch butterfly on a bush at JPPM From the river shores and open meadows to the woodland trails and cultivated fields, the Park provides several unique environments to explore. Discover a wide variety of animals and plants as you hike the trails or just go for a leisurely stroll.  

"Hundreds of years ago, this land, and virtually all the land within the Chesapeake watershed was covered with huge forests of hardwood and pine trees, except for the areas farmed by Native Americans. After the English settled here in the 17th century, however, much more of the land was cleared for agriculture. Since that time, these fields have remained in some form of cultivation."​

Since JPPM's inception, it has been managed in an environmentally sensitive manner. The Park was set up not only for public education and enjoyment but also as a demonstration site for living shoreline and environmental research. Mr. Patterson himself was a student of innovative farming techniques and today the working farm still uses best practices.

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PEARL Internship Research

This summer JPPM collaborated with Morgan State University's PEARL​, a marine research laboratory located within our park, on innovative research aimed at increasing oyster restoration around the Chesapeake Bay.  JPPM shorelines were used as a field laboratory to support this important work!