Traveling Trunks Lesson Plans

The Education Staff at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum has written comprehensive lesson plans to accompany their Traveling Trunks. The plans cover two topics (Eastern Woodland Indian Cultures of Maryland and Life During the War of 1812) and are written to Maryland State Curriculum Standards. Although designed to accompany the materials in the Traveling Trunks, the lesson plans can be used independently.


Eastern Woodland Indians of Maryland


Unit 1- Woodland Lifeways
1-1 Lesson
Unit 2- Paleo Indians
Unit 3- Foodways
3-1 Lesson    
Unit 4- Transportation and Trade
Unit 5- Oral Histories and Traditions
Unit 6- Primary Sources
Unit 7- Beauty and Status
Unit 8- Eastern Woodland Games
Unit 9- Native Americans in Maryland Today

 Through the Perilous Fight - Life During the War of 1812


Lesson Plans Include: