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Wild White Clover FlowerWild White Clover
(Trifolium repens L.)

Kingdom:  Plantae
Division:  Magnoliophyta
Class:  Magnoliopsida
Order:  Fabales
Family:  Fabaceae
Genus:  Trifolium
Species:  repens


Wild White CloverCharacteristics: The white clover plant has compound leaves divided into three leaflets which are all joined at a central point and originate at the nodes along the stems. The flowers are an aggregate of 20 to 40 individual flowers. They are white in color, although some have a slight pink tint. White clover flowers from May through September. It is a perennial and reproduces primarily by seed and occasionally creeping stems.

Habitat: White clover is adapted to many soils but tends to grow best in soils that are moist and low in nitrogen. It can be found along roadsides, in fields, and in lawns.

Range: White clover is found throughout the United States.

Native American Uses: An infusion was used to treat fevers and an infusion of the flowers as an eyewash. The Cherokee Indians are among the Native American tribes known to have utilized this species.

Colonial Uses: It was introduced by early colonists as a pasture plant.

Modern Uses: It is best suited for grazing and can be used for hay, soil improvement, and reclaiming disturbed lands. It is a choice food for wildlife such as deer, rabbit, etc.