August 22, 2019

MAC Lab Meeting Room
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Free & Open to the Public


Speaker: Richard Lacouture


My Little Babies - Tales of Plankton in Chesapeake Bay and Beyond

PEARL biologist Richard Lacouture will recount stories from his life and career studying plankton in the Chesapeake Bay.  These chronicles will include the biology and ecology of these fascinating and unique organisms.


About the Speaker

Richard LacoutureFor almost forty years Richard Lacouture has conducted research and education on plankton and water quality in Chesapeake Bay.  His research dealt with phytoplankton taxonomy and ecology in Chesapeake Bay and other coastal areas.  For the past ten years, he has served as the Co-Director/Director of Education at the Patuxent Environmental and Aquatic Research Laboratory (PEARL).  Finally, he has directed PEARL Undergraduate Summer Internship Program.  This program brings undergraduate students to PEARL for 10 weeks of guided research projects.  He has also h ad the pleasure of serving as a mentor for these students.