The MAC Lab contains a full-service archaeological conservation facility that works with museums, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and Cultural Resource Management firms.  The Conservation Department at the MAC Lab is able to treat archaeological and historic collections from both marine and terrestrial sites and is outfitted to handle bulk collections as well as oversized objects such as cannon and ship fragments.  Services include but are not limited to, x-radiography, cleaning, and stabilization of metals, freeze-drying of waterlogged organics and reconstruction of ceramics and glass. 

Freeze DryerConservators Lifting Cannon 



Conservator Treating IronThe Conservation Department at the MAC Lab is a custom-designed facility.  The Treatment Laboratory is a large room with a covered loading bay, 5-ton capacity crane for maneuvering oversized objects within this space, holding tanks for aqueous treatments, and in-house Reverse Osmosis and Deionized water systems.  The majority of cleaning and chemical treatments take place within this space, whereas the Finishing Lab is used to prepare objects for return and display. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Conservation is a profession dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage collections.  To learn more about what conservators do, current MAC Lab projects, internship opportunities, etc., review these frequently asked questions

This guide is intended for any archaeologist processing collections that could benefit from x-radiography. 

MAC Lab Guide to X-Radiography (1).pdfMAC Lab Guide to X-Radiography (1).pdf


To contact the Head Conservator, Nichole Doub, please call 410-586-8577 or email