Prehistoric Village Palisade DitchThe MAC Lab has an active program of archaeological and historical research. Much of this effort is focused on the JPPM property, but research is also conducted throughout Maryland. In addition, since 1983 JPPM has served as the Southern Maryland Regional Center of the Maryland Historical Trust, exploring the cultural resources of the region. We have studied sites ranging from prehistoric villages to 17th-century Indian hamlets; from Lord Baltimore’s colonial home to the 19th-century home of a freed slave; and from War of 1812 battlefields to Civil War hospitals. And our research would obviously be incomplete if we didn’t examine the vast collections of the MAC Lab to better understand Maryland’s historical material culture.

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Visiting Researchers

The MAC Lab welcomes scholars interested in using our artifact collections or Library for research. For more information about this, click here or contact the Curator of State Collections.

Research Papers

Excavating Lord Baltimore's Cellar

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